What do I need when I come to register at the Slater Compassion Center?

Patients need a valid Rhode Island Patient Identification Care, an open caregiver slot, and a check or money order for $25 payable to "RI General Treasurer".

I have a recommendation from another state. Can I come to your dispensary?

Only patients and caregivers registered with the Rhode Island Department of Health and in possession of a current cannabis card can enter our dispensary. TCS must be designated as one of your 2 caregivers. If you have a doctors recommendation from Massachusetts or Connecticut AND are a resident of RI, you can register with the Rhode Island Department of Health and become a member.

What is the limit of medicine I can purchase?

By law, a patient may purchase up to 2.5 ounces of medicine every two weeks. This amount is tracked by our software.

How is the weight of medicine calculated for edibles?

Our edibles are tested by a lab to determine potency. The percentage of THC is listed on each edible and is the basis for calculating this limit. 


If an edible has 180 mg of THC, it will be counted as .18 grams towards your limit.


Can I medicate on the premises?

Our facility functions as a dispensary, service provider, and education center. We do not allow medication on site.

Do you have a compassion program?

There is a compassion program. You can see if you qualify here.

Do you deliver/can I order online?

As of this time, the only way to purchase and obtain medicine is by coming to the dispensary. We accept cash and gift cards.

Are there any discounts offered on medicine?

Discounts are available to veterans, seniors, and qualifying low income patients. We strive to always have affordable medicine on our shelf for all of our patients.

How do I know what medicine to purchase for my condition?

Our qualified staff will work closely with each patient to determine the strain or type of medicine that is best suited for your treatment.

Is your location secure?

TCS employs a professional security team that respects the patient-centered atmosphere of the facility. The property is highly secure with a well-lit parking area and 24-hour monitoring.